CHS is the body of member direct services that collectively plan, intake, and organize client/member services in our communities. Most commonly this would relate to Health, Social Services, Family Care, Social Development, and Health related case files in our community. The CHS team is comprised of our 5 service providers (Health Liaison, A&D Counsellor, Social Development Clerk, Family Care Worker, and the CHS Manager).

The role of this team of employees are to collectively plan, share and implement case work, assess case load, and strategize on services for departmental related intakes. CHS might be most commonly found in the communities one on one with clients, members, or could be organizing workshops, community events, and awareness projects. 


If you would like more information on any of these services contact our CHS employees for more information or updates.


CHS Manager & Social Development Worker
Allison Howard

Family Care Worker
Marie Frank - Atleo

A&D Cousellor
Deb Botting

Health Liaison
Nora Martin