Tla-o-qui-aht Registry (Membership Department) is responsible for maintaining the registry listing of all Tla-o-qui-aht members. One employee manages and operates this very important function of the Nation, the IRA Clerk (Indian Registry Administrator).

The main function of this role is maintain the membership listing. This includes registering events such as births, deaths, marriages, and further can involved members transferring out or others transferring in.

A specific criteria must be met to qualify for membership. An application process is in place, and this further involves review from amembership committee, and in the final steps goes to the Elected Chief & Council for final review. After which the process must be sent and registered with AANDC (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada). Each events in a members life has to be registered and documented with AANDC.

The application, and registry time can turn out to be quite lengthy. Contact the IRA Clerk for more specific instructions. However you can refer the info sheets, and application packages provided here.

REGISTRY Contacts:


IRA Clerk
– Leah Morgan