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Our Mission:

TFN Board

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PICFI Program

The Pacific Commercial Fisheries Initiative (PICFI) mandate is to create independent, self-sustaining businesses that separate business from politics. Providing services to our fishermen and co-ordinating training with other agencies is a core activity of TFN LLP. The enterprise cannot provide financing or individual vessel repairs, but can engage in facilitating fishermen advisory services and improving safety and training. PICFI closely monitors the enterprise and has the power to remove resources if the enterprise becomes insolvent or misuses funding.

In order to meet a decreased budget TFN has adapted a management model actively involving Board members and management in day to day decisions. Roy Alexander, manager and fisheries development advisor, has 35 years seafood industry experience and works closely with Board members on a daily basis to develop consensus and receive community advice .

By using TFN assets and using the Tla-o-qui-aht nation’s staff and bookkeeping resources substantial savings have been made.

Governance and Operation

Being a stand-alone commercial enterprise, TFN Seafoods needs to generate its own funding, operating capital and revenue and not be a burden on Council or the Nation. This is difficult and must be balanced with the social objective of TFN fishermen getting fair access to resources they can fish economically. DFO has not supplied the resources requested by TFN Seafoods’ original plan. Training and safety are a key component of TFN Seafoods’ strategy considerations and goals, as well as increasing healthy seafood to elders and members.

What Is A Social Enterprise?

A “social enterprise” is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than just maximizing profits for external shareholders. Further, a social enterprise is differentiated through transparent evidence that their social aims are primary, and that profits are secondary.

TFN Seafoods Initiatives & Services

An important part of TFN SEAFOODS mission is to encourage members in harvesting and management of marine resources in a sustainable manner that protects future generations.

TFN Seafoods Contact Information
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