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Tla-o-qui-aht News Bulletin January 31, 2016

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TFN Housing Coordinator Job Posting

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TFN Christmas Bulletin December 2015

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TFN Christmas Hampers

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TFN Marine Training Course

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TFN Bulletin August 2015

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Friday July 24th Picnic Please Confirm Attendance

Expression of Interest from Members - TFN Seafoods - Halibut Quota July 2015

Resource Use Policy - TFN Seafoods

2015 Suuhaa Fishery Information

Native Fishing Association Loan Application

TFN Bulletin July 2015

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Interpersonal and Workplace Communication and Conflict Resolution

2015 Heritage Presenter Wanted - English

2015 Heritage Presenter Wanted - French

2015 Heritage Presenter Screening Questionaire

TFN Seafood Ltd. Fisheries Update April 2015 - Expression of Interest From TFN Members May 14th Deadline

TFN Bulletin March 2015

2015 Clam Licensing

TFN Fisherman's Planning Series Taxation Workshop - Saturday, March 14th

Area G License Decision Note

TFN Seafoods LLP
Expression of Interest TFN Members Only
1 Area G Licence for vessel up to 37 feet (13.4 m) 2015 Season

TFN Seafoods Ltd.
TFN Members’ Expression of Interest for use of Fisheries Resources


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TFN 2014 Merry Christmas Bulletin

TFN Xmas Newsletter November 2014

Nominations For Outstanding Citizen

Taaq wii Hak Celebrations - Saturday, November 1/14 beginning at 10:00am at Maht Mahs

TFN Seafoods LLC Report To Membership September 2014

TFN Bulletin August 6, 2014

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Education Supplies Notice 2014

Application for Educational Supplies 2014

TFN 2014 Year End Party

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TFN Bulletin December 5th, 2013 - Job Opportunity

TFN Bulletin November 22nd, 2013

TFN Bulletin November 8th, 2013

TFN Bulletin October 22th, 2013

TFN Contract Position: Gym Supervisor

TFN Bulletin October 10th, 2013

TFN Bulletin Oct 4th, 2013

TFN Career Opportunity CGA Job Posting

TFN Bulletin September 12th, 2013

The Lateral Violence workshops that were scheduled for Monday, Sept 9 and Tuesday, Sept 10 have been postponed until October. A notice will be sent out when the workshop has been confirmed. Sorry for the short notice and any inconvenience this may have caused.

TFN Bulletin September 4th, 2013

KLECKO KLECKO TFN - Thousands of thank you's go out to the TFN Chief, Council, Administration and Band Members for the yearly delivery of food fish to outside TFN community band members. Thank you to the men and women who delivered the food fish up and down the entire Island, donating your time and effort is praised. Young TFN members are learning to prepare, freeze, can, jar, jerky and smoke the food fish to sustain themselves and their new young families over a period of time. KLECKO KLECKO!

TFN Bulletin - August 28th-2013

NEWS BULLETIN - Ucluelet Secondary School 2013-14 Start Up Education Information

Student Supply Forms 2013

Year End Party 2013

NTC 2013 Application for Elementary Secondary Scholarship Awards

Indigenous Mini-University Summer Camp 2013 Application Package
1. The Indigenous Student Mini-University Summer Camp gives you a taste of university life!

TFN Members’ Expression of Interest for use of Fisheries Resources Application

Clayoquot Climate Change Adaptation Capacity Building Initiative:
1. Clayoquot First Nation Shoreline and Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment, Volume I: Report
2. Clayoquot First Nation Shoreline and Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment, Volume II: Appendices

Wild/Traditional Food Security Planning & Capacity Building 2012-2013 Year-End Report

TFN Resource Use Guidelines

TFN Fishermen's Survey

Community Notice: TFN Security Community Security Program

TFN Student Allowance Notice

TFN Seafoods re: Prawn License and Experienced Fisherman

Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations Community Security Training
Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations is seeking interested applicants for a BASIC SECURITY TRAINING certification delivered by Moffatt Security, via the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Through the support of NETP, Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations will be offering security training in the community to be held starting in December. For more information and to fill out an application, please contact Tammy Dorward, Education via email tfned@tla-o-qui-aht.org or (cell) 250-266-0270.

EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM: Tourism & Hospitality

Expressions of Interest from Members re: TFN Seafoods

Tla-o-qui-aht Bulletin Vol.1 Issue 1

TFN Treaty 2012 AIP

NOTICE: Please contact the Tla-o-qui-aht Housing Department to apply for housing, or to update your applications. We require updated family information and contact information on each file. Click on the Housing Link in the menu to read about the new housing and our contact information.

TFN Treaty Information Bulletin

ATTENTION TLA-O-QUI-AHT MEMBERS: Please keep your housing applications up to date. If you change your telephone number or address, inform the office. Housing applications not kept current can't be considered. Anytime there is a change in your family you need to update your file. If no changes you need to call office/email at least once a year to keep your file open.

Explanation of Different Types of Housing Funds

New Website - Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Parks are watersheds in Tla-o-qui-aht traditional territory, managed to integrate human and ecosystem well-being, as taught by our ancestors and adapted to today’s situation.