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DFO Designation Declaration
1. Communal Commercial License Designation List
2. New Entrants - Fisher's Registration Card
3. Method Of Designation

2016 TFN Halibut Posting Final

Job Posting - Receptionist

Job Posting - Village Maintenance Workers

Job Posting - Village Maintenance Foreman

Job Posting - Construction Foreman

Job Posting - Construction Workers

TFN Bulletin April 6th

TFN Members Expression of Interest for Use of Fishery Resources Application

Expression of Interest from Members - TFN Seafoods Job Postings

TFN Nominated Candidates March 29th
Polling Notice for the Election of Chief and Councillors

TFN Seafoods Sablefish Quota March 2016

Tla-o-qui-aht Community Meeting - New Time and Date

Job Posting - Receptionist

TFN News Bulletin March 1, 2016

Notice of Nomination Meeting

TFN News Bulletin Feb. 15, 2015

Tla-o-qui-aht News Bulletin January 31, 2016

TFN News Bulletin Jan. 15, 2016

TFN Bulletin December 15, 2015

TFN Christmas Bulletin December 2015

TFN Bulletin November 2015

TFN Bulletin October 2015

TFN Bulletin

TFN Bulletin August 31, 2015

TFN Bulletin August 2015

TFN Bulletin July 24th

Expression of Interest from Members - TFN Seafoods - Halibut Quota July 2015

2015 Suuhaa Fishery Information

Native Fishing Association Loan Application

TFN Bulletin July 2015

TFN Bulletin June 2015

Interpersonal and Workplace Communication and Conflict Resolution

2015 Heritage Presenter Wanted - English

2015 Heritage Presenter Wanted - French

2015 Heritage Presenter Screening Questionaire

TFN Bulletin March 2015

TFN Seafoods Ltd.
TFN Members’ Expression of Interest for use of Fisheries Resources

TFN Posting History

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