Sports Day Summer 2015

A beautiful day, paired with the amazing views, company, and beach… made for an absolutely wonderful day. Tla-o-qui-aht families gathered on Long Beach for a Summer Sports Day on August 16th-2015. This community organized event was hosted by Ha’wilth Muuchinink, Iris Frank, and Robert Dalton, the community came together to share in a day of sports events, food, crafts, and socializing. Beach races both individual and 3 legged race were a highlight to see all our members participate. Ribbons from infant to elders were distributed. On the sidelines, we had Hjalmer Wenstob doing First Nations crafts with the youth, making mini wood carved plaques, colouring pages. A local RCMP volunteer even stopped by to help man the BBQ! So much community involvement went into this event, we thank you Muuchinink, Iris, Robert Dalton, Creative Salmon, RCMP and all the members and TFN Staff who pitched in to help on site, Margaret Tom, Hjalmer Wenstob, Addie David, Steve Frank, Thomas Zarelli, Allison Howard thank you all!